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They're not going to be going home willingly. Not after the sweet teat of gubment gibs and all you can rape white women.


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Serious, they rape a white female and win a free house. Why would they go home?

Edit: I realized what I just typed


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Yep. Why go back?

White nations give free gibs and let you abuse as many white little girls as you like!


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This point isn't brought up enough. Don't care for freedom & the responsibility that comes with it? Want to live in a theocracy? Congratulations! You're free to leave and go anywhere you want. People who do want freedom need to live on the seas, or leave the god damn planet, at this point.. why? Because you slaves moved to US and demanded more oppression.

Pick your favorite nanny state, and go. Leave the few of us left in the only spot we sort of have left.


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Why would they go home? They have a job to do. It specifically says in the Quran to invade and spread Islam across the rest of the world


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Always looking for pictures of piece of shit Muslims to use for target practice. Put bullet holes all in it. Fuck Islam.


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Bacon sandwiches or GTFO!


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go home

They're invaders, not refugees.


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LOVE IT Who ever made this meme is spot on!


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The meme is so 1995.

Today, is not nearly as aggressive as the situation requires.

Afer some point, and we've crossed this point wrt Islam at least a decade ago, you dont talk, you just shoot on sight.

Any cease-fire and reopening of talks should require that their troops not only stop advancing, but that they withdraw to the last point where we stopped talking.

The meme carries the following vibe:

  • Muslim Rage Boy: I want Sharia! <makes a step forward>
  • Soy Boy Picard: Well, Go home. <makes a step backward>
  • Muslim Rage Boy: And if I dont? <makes another step forward>
  • Soy Boy Picard: Then I'll say Go Home again! <makes another step backward, balls shrink a little bit>

A 90s soy boy like Picard is an absolutely wrong role model for dealing with existential threats like Islam. All he ever threatened to destroy in dire situations was his own ship. Today, we need men capable of dresden-style retaliatory carpet-bombing enemy residential areas.


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I'm cool with a compromise.

Let's just adopt the "throw gays off the roof" part of sharia law while leaving the rest out and call it multiculturalism.

I just wanna see leftards taste their own medicine. See what happens when you import foreign barbarians. When Islam take over, the first think they'll slaughter are liberals, not conservatives. Do you know what a muslim hate more than a christian conservative? A liberal.

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