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I mean it isn't like they are in internment camps. They can just simply go through the border the legal way and see their family. There is nothing preventing these families from being together. They are free to return home with their loved ones. The fact they stay here and chose to be separate should tell you something.

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They can just simply go through the border the legal way

Your blatant common sense is ruining the emotional appeal to empathetic white women's insane logic

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Yeah. When one side can simply go to the other side of the wall, it kind of deflates the argument. If you miss them that much, go.

If ICE were to attend some of these gatherings, they would likely be able to expedite their homecoming. Headline: "ICE reunites another family". Awwwwe

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Open Borders for Israel....just saying ....CofunsedNoiseNetwork

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You sound kind of cofunsed.

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Automated flame throwers at the wall. Just saying.

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You must go back, and take your spawn.

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Maybe in the future all country will become one, so there is no border again.

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And let's ride magical unicorns too!

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There isn't a wall on most of the 38th parrallel in Korea., But yet it's a very effective border. Mines are cheaper than any wall. It's also so good that it has created a natural conservatory for species of plants and animals that were once endangered. No people. That should satisfy the environmentalists too.

Let's do it that way. Deal?

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The thing with landmines are that once you embed them in a region because they go unnoticed with the natural ecological backdrop, they are incredibly hard to get rid of. The landmines for example that dot the landscapes of Vietnam from the war to this day kill children every year and it's been around half a century since they were placed.

Which is exactly why we should place landmines at the border, a non-eyesore that is also a long term solution with a positive impact on the environment.

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OMG 0_0

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