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The difference between a pentagram and a Star of David is that one symbolizes allegiance with the Devil, and the other is just a pentagram.

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Was too long for a title :(

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WRONG. two sides of the same coin. https://imgoat.com/uploads/6657d5ff90/95393.GIF

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"WRONG.", That makes you look like a faggot.

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Ol' Remphan. Where would the jews be without him?

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What about this is Satanic?

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Notice the head of Moloch in the center where you'd expect to see Baphomet.

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Noice comment.

If I can poo poo on the parade, both were pagan symbols appropriated by hook noses. The pentagram remained associated with the pagans (see pentacle in the tarot), but also the devil because polytheism be demonic and shit in the eyes of the church. The hexagram aka star of David represents a fuck load of shit in the Occult. It contains the symbols of all 4 elements for example.

Either way, person in the OP is dumb and the tattoo isn't even in done well.

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Thank you for the edu- never hurts to learn or have your learnin' refreshed!

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I'm a big brain nibba so the REAL humour here is: there is NO "star of David" that 6 point star is a STOLEN symbol of Indian origin, misappropriated my Mayer schel Bauer (kike founder of Rothschild family) seal on his shop door.

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same as the swastika. it originally meant goodluck prosperity and all things auspicious for other ancient cultures, including the Vikings and Greeks, besides Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.


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I have heard that in ancient India there were Caucasian people, and that was the origin of the caste system, Caucasians trying to stay separate from the street shitters. Apparently, it didn't work, but it seems like maybe the Caucasians there mixed with some of the better brown people while keeping the worst ones in the dalit caste.

They clearly had Caucasians in the Persian territory as you can see Caucasian features in Iranians even today. I consider it very possible that Buddha was actually a huwite man and not a street shitter, chink, or gook.

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I thought coherent Indians were based, I read that article and the top comment is some Nogtard street shitting telling der Juden to effectively "become Nazis LOL show bobs and vagene".

How exactly could Hitler " misappropriate" the "Swastika" he stole it but only a street shitter high on (((Hollywood))) "NARRRRT-ZEEEEEE" propaganda could assume Hitler misappropriated a symbol that has wide use across Europe. I say this despite hating Hitler for the most part (I don't worship losers that brought down the Americunt Juden obsessed hammer down on Europe).

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Next thing you’re gonna tell us is that there was no 6 gorillion.

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I'm not sure on the numbers either way. I've seen sources from both sides, without observing original sources in person I can't male up my mind either way.

I do lean towards the numbers being grossly exaggerated to bolster Jewish money grabbing "muh shekels for muh suffering, oy VEY"

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Eight point star was Jewish?

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latest internet search. ''how to remove tattoo's, for dummies''.

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Bottle of whiskey and a cheese grater.

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Why wash the grater with whiskey?.......

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belt sander. less mess.

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I know a guy who used a propane torch and a spoon. He was a dumb motherfucker.

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Nice touch. I fucking hate that. I shouldn't , but I do.

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TAT-OOZE. Fuck you couldn't sound that out yerself?

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Technically, it's a hexagram.

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It's an encircled hexagram which you could call a hexacle.

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how's about a "six-square?"

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Sally is a fucking retarded cunt, and I've seen better lines done by prison scratchers with a shaver motor and a safety pin.

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Fuckin oath.

Aposematism in action too. Lets us know to stay well away from this bogan.

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Check out the diction on this motherfucker

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To be fair, the star of David represents something far more evil.

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This kid had got to be the biggest badass ever, disrupting whole nations and shit.

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No ragrets.

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Home job 👌 Ffs

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A good portion of my mates have home-job tattoo's done by someone, who a few years later, hanged himself.

They all consider it to be relics but the guy was a washed out, junkie doing backyard jobs for more crack. To top it off, it was the 14 year old daughter living in the house who found his body.

What a piece of shit.

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I’ve seen some beautiful prison tats. They got them for some cigarettes or commissary.

I’ve seen some inmates with amazing talent. There serving 25 and have nothing to do but draw and hone their skills.

But this one, hah

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