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Lost a grandfather in auschwitz myself. Terrible tragedy, just a good family man going about his business until that fateful day he fell from his watchtower.

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Unfortunately, my great uncle also died in auschwitz. He was just walking around when another guard fell on top of him.

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That joke is old, but never getting old.

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"Grampa, did you kill people during your service in WWII?"

"Maybe, grandson, I was a cook."

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I'm just picturing a cook mixing in ex lax into breakfast before they attack. Literally incapacitating an entire army due to the shits.

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The British had the right idea. The gunners and bombardiers were the mechanics.

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Turns out, saving the faggots doomed us all.....

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By the 1600's I think all the good men had had enough of Europe's shit and left for America. They say Australia got all the criminals, I say America got some of the best stock, smart enough for long-term vision and hardy enough to migrate to an uncivilized continent.

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And the wife blamed the husband for the plane damaging her garden....100% sure of it.

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So sad.

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Opa drove a limo for a general on the German side

No clue what happened to Grandpa on the Polish side

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Tell grandpa thanks for helping destroy western civilization.

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This is why Men need to decide to serve and why children are sent to die.

Reflection of leftist using the young as a weapon and a shield.

Kill a communist today!!!

Or wait till tomorrow to ponder...just make sure that you Kill a communist this week!

Busy, laws, no guts, wait a few days and. Kill a communist this month!

Pussy fucker.. how many communists have you killed this ..... century?

Not nearly enough.. so much work....

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That's why we gotta keep the Arabs out of the army with the coming war with Iran

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Why on earth would the US have any interest in invading Iran? The only possible beneficiaries I can think of are military contractors and the globalists hoping to precipitate another refugee crisis/destabilise another region.

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just wait for it. it's coming

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Iranians aren't Arabs and I'm not fighting a war because Israel has an enemy they want eliminated.

Iranians are literally predominantly white with some admixture potentially from Islamic conquest. For Christ's sake they're very close to the Caucasus mountain (Caucasus, Caucasian; do you see where I'm going with this?).

Also, sunnis (mainly Arabs) don't get along with the Shia's (mainly Persians)

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