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I suppose the strength of diversity was not enough to offset the law of physics.

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Of course, because law of physics is STEM, STEM is full of white racist men, white cishet men made the bride colapse.

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In what fucking world do red blooded women only crave the company of other fucking women?

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AvE did an analysis, which suggested to me failures in both Engineering (moving procedure, moving provisions, temporary pre-tensioning procedure, ignoring loud snapping noises) and also the Builders (deviating from print where they changed positions of the temporary supports, over-torquing pre-tensioners).

This final design shows this is a type of suspension bridge, problem is there was no suspension component, so it relied solely on the Engineering and Execution of the installation procedure and processes with consideration of there being no suspension component present.

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I bet every inspector was thinking it would be career suicide to question or speak out against such a diverse group. A small problem or two might have been acceptable, I'm betting every competent worker had at least one thing they chose not to point out, hoping to avoid the left's wrath.

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I think this is all a crock of shit. One woman supposedly owns a company where her 9 brothers also run the entire company. She is owner, in name only.....

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I saw a drawing that made it look like there was a suspension component at one time. I'm guessing that was just one of the options and perhaps they went a different route to save material/money?

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If you look at the top of the bridge as collapsed you can see anchor points on the roof for those suspension wires and the suspension tower. The thing is that the bridge was UNFINISHED when it collapsed, it is also why it has the orange construction plastic fencing all over it as it was not yet safe to walk over... it was not yet completed.

Given this it's no wonder the bridge collapsed. The unique design or any design really requires the whole structure to be AS DESIGNED before it can bear its own weight. There is much math and calculations to do on a bridge and it all is calculated based on the final completed build. The Golden Gate Bridge stands now that its complete, but remove the suspension cables and the bridge collapses. This is why during its construction everything had to be supported by temporary structures until the cables where all installed.

Similarly the bridge in Florida was not yet completed. Someone decided to remove the temporary supports as they likely wanted all lanes of traffic open beneath the bridge to ease traffic. Well this is what happens when you let some non-engineers how to do their job because you care more about traffic flow than building a bridge that won't kill people.

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The way AvE presented it assumes the final product would have this suspension component. Here is a rendering of the assumed completed bridge.

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"Value engineered" out of the solution.

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If you look into the facts, you’ll see that this woman played no role in the design or construction of the bridge that collapsed.

Of course this assumes that you care about facts...

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Yes but the company is comprised of her older brothers. What the fuck do you think role they are going to have her play?

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when diversity collides with reality

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Women "engineers" once again trying to prove that "feelz" triumphs over "realz", with predictable results....

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That's either transmission fluid or blood flowing from the top right of the car, either way makes it look even worse.

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95% of american companies are like that, some fat disgusting idiot feminists. i dont know how airplanes dont fall out of the sky daily!

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She should be charged with murder.

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