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I know this water tank. It gloriously overlooks the highway adding much needed "desu" to the dry landscape.

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Thing is, it's painted white to keep it from heating up in the sun, adding any color would reduce that effect.

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Good point. In light of that, after the third time it happened, instead of just repainting white again the owner should repaint the face and tail with reflective/chrome paint and tape a laminated note next to the grafitti explaining about the heat.

Ideally, the owner should have control over his own property and shouldn't have to negotiate with intruders but pragmatically it's probably the easiest way out of the cat and mouse game.

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Waiting for the farmer to get fed up and just turn that thing into a massive penis, to put an end to it.

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They should use some good outdoor latex paint next time as opposed to spraycan paint.

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...Or they could just stop repeatedly vandalising the property of the sensible hydrophile.

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I mean this would be the most responsible way of handling the situation. They are costing the guy money in repainting it every time.

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i know of a humble water filter salesman i can put him in touch with...

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LOL. Hilarious !

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someone by this poor artist a pet pig. He is crying out for one.

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