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"Oh Tyrone, I wish I was black like you."

"Hol' on bitch, I'll start wit yo' eyes."

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Lol, niiice

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We've reached peak mudshark monocle.

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she survived the freak out, Toll paid in half?

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The toll isn’t paid until she’s dead.

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Nah those are mud shark glasses.

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Is she a coal burner?

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She referred to her partner as nigga so I assume yes

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Some stories have no heroes...just different types of assholes.

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Porn is the same way

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I love this pic because it captures the divide between modern feminism and race relations. On feminist forums they'll cry about white men saying mean things on the internet endlessly, but as soon as you bring up muslim rape gangs, black men's broken homes, Indians masturbating at /throwing semen balloons on university women - crickets. They are incapable of seeing non-whites as anything but harmless purse puppies.

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Because white men are the sanctioned punching bag. They are the decoy to prevent feminists from enacting real change.

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Toll paid.

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I lived next to this woman , she left her husband for this black crackhead. He would beat her and I first I felt bad I told her about a shelter that would help,her family was able to help .offered to help her she refused . Im a sick person but after awhile the shit just got funny. I felt horrible but the guy was about to get out of jail and she was so excited he was coming home bought food , fixed herself up , the next morning Im sitting outside, drinking my coffee , having a smoke and a laugh because all I was hearing was "but baby I love you " as he is beating the SHIT out of her.

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Women have been made insane by their "liberation".

[–] GlassSmith 2 points 18 points (+20|-2) ago 

You know what really grinds my gears about this shit? I have never in my whole life seen a white woman show a white man the kind of devotion that mudsharks show their niggers. I have had a bunch of friends go in to the army or get themselves in trouble but in every situation the white girls they were dating would be on another dick within the week.

It's why even though I hate race-mixing I can't truly be mad at white guys who just give up on white women and date Asian girls. Sex-bots and artificial wombs can't come soon enough.

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most likely she cheated on him, just as she cheated on her husband with him. Once a cheater always a cheater.

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Damn what are the odds. Got anymore stories?

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Date a nigger and what else did you exact?......

[–] FuckingInsaneGoat 2 points 1 points (+3|-2) ago 

Date nigger nigs, win nigger prizes.

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Glad this thread is up. So I met a homeless guy years ago in my old neighborhood. His name is Lawrence and he's an older black guy. I'd give him change and plant biblical seeds every time I saw him out there. Well fast forward a few years I go back to my home town San Bernardino CA to visit family and as we're cruising to McDonald's my brothers g/f tells me a homeless guy took a shotgun and killed two people in the park a few nights ago and he's still on the loose. Well guess who I see at McDonald's but good ol Lawrence. I'd forgotten his name for a split second and then yelled "hey Lawrence!" at which point my brothers g/f whispered to me "No F'n way that's the murderers name!!" I laughed thinking she was just messing around. I just brushed her off gave Laurence a buck and asked how he'd been yada yada, fast forward, that was two weeks ago and tonight I decided to look up the murders. Low and behold the suspects middle name is Lawrence! Surely the newspaper will provide a good description being the accused killer is still on the loose... Welp, all I got was he's 5'7 150 pounds and 46 years old. No local paper printed the suspects race. The Lawrence I know and saw that day is black. It'd help if I knew the race of the accused but no local paper printed that fact. So now I'm sitting here wondering if it's just a crazy coincidence or if ol Lawrence is the guy. Not printing the race of the accused double murderer while he's still on the loose, how insane is that??

Side note... One of the two homeless dudes killed that night was Luke Miller. I went to Middle school with him and in 2002 him and 2 kids lured a 16 year old girl to the foothills to smoke weed and then killed her, two of them had sex with her body then threw her in a well. The case got a lot of attention back then becoming something like an urban legend, did they have sex with her dead body or not etc etc... Well what do you know 16 years later some bum (that may or may not be ol Lawrence) shoots him twice with a shotgun and that's the end of Luke. What a strange small world. PC culture means I'll have to wait until he's caught to satisfy my curiosity, also means I couldn't help with the case if I wanted. (which I don't, especially if it is him, run Lawrence run!) ((And nice shootin))

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Wow! Karma has a name.

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Pay the coal, burn the toll.

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Ummm... never mind that sounds right

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