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This is genius. Meme this until everyone thinks this is all that little faggot is about

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Godspeed, 4chan

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OMFG, the chans. They're always an element of chaos, a fly in the ointment, rats chewing at the winescots of society. Weaponized autism, whoops, who fed the trolls until they got too big for the bridges?

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Hm, yes.

A Leftist gun grabber puppet, indoctrinated by Marxist teachers, propped up by Democrat money, amplified by Jewish media, leading protests with Commie slogans and symbolism, to promote open borders, race mixing, degeneracy and, above all, confiscating the guns of the people opposed to all that... Just like when Stalin's NKVD confiscated the privately owned guns in 1929 in Soviet Russia, before proceeding to massacre over 20 million Russians.

I know! Let's make everyone associate him and that nasty behavior with Nazis instead of with Communists!

If we push it hard enough, maybe people will even forget that Nazis were the ones who fought, to the death, against Communism and all of those things, as well as relaxing and removing most gun control for Germans, which was previously forced upon Germany by the Allies-to-be in the Treaty of Versailles of 1919.

Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post, mister Member-for-11-days.

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It’s a joke, calm down. I never said you were wrong about any of that and colloquially, people associate Nazi with evil. It’s going to take many generations before we’ll be able to change that

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Lying is not the way to get our point across.

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I can guarantee you it won't get across any other way. Gun control is pushed by the government, indoctrinated into the masses and then the masses inject back their support for slavery back into the government.

The government has money, it has resources, and the most important resource is: information control. I can promise you that they have nothing but time and resources to make change with over that time. The NFA was in 1934. Do you really think they care about how long it takes?

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i am laughing much harder than i can explain at this pic

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His face is the worst face that ever existed. I hate his face so much.

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He has such a punchable face. I’d have euphoria if I socked him

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His martini glass chin is so anemic, it'd cave in like a paper bag.

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Ironically, I think he has a pretty good national socialist face rofl.

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He actually reminds me a lot of Thomas Smith from "The Man in the High Castle"

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its the closest they can get. he was probably bread to look it.

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Yeah, he looks inbread enough to be a sandwich.

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To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their women!

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Zog is what again? I'm not up to date on my wacked out UFO conspiracy....an international Jewish government thing/conspiracy?

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It's the idea that a jewish shadow government secretly controls the west. Personally I think it sounds a little unlikely, although Mossad definitely gets around and the cumulative effect of Jewish lobbying is pretty huge.

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Zionist occupational government.

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http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=96393 do you think he makes out with his cousin....you know for gun safety?

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Thanks, that's pretty damning.

Someone needs to make a freeze.it of crisis actors.

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This spic approves.

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really he just looks wierd

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Hey dude, you just blown our undercover! Davis Hogg was always /ourguy! We even got an mentally ill kike to take the blame for the shooting. Shit! Now we have to make a new 'crisis' /s

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While funny and everything, Nazis has a good thing going and I agree with them on most issues.

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