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Wow, a steak knife and a bit of wood.

Fuckin' UK...

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Is it just me or is that a fucking broken off broom handle? I am surprised the good officers aren't making gestures with it while people bend over to do work.

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Is Stamford Hill Estate a prison? These look like weapons seized in a cell block sweep.

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British Housing Estates are designed to create the same sort of institutionalized criminality as prisons.
Extreme low trust environments. Warrens of tunnels and stairwells that make crimes of opportunity and rapid escape easy.

Problem was, that it was taking too long to turn all the whites into Chavs and generational deadbeats, so they had to start shipping in 3rd Worlders, because most of the dehumanizing work had already been done in their homeland slums.

That said, they probably pulled the sharpened stick out of someone's garden. The baseball bat out of someone's sport's kit. The knife out of a kitchen drawer. And the other thing out of some guy's DIY pipe-unclogging toolset. Because everyone carries knives in the problem areas of the UK. If they didn't find any, it's because they didn't want to. They want street crime out there. To maintain and spread the aforementioned "low trust" culture. Including the message that the cops turn a blind eye to serious weapons, or are at best completely incompetent.

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So owning a kitchen knife is a crime?

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Actually having it on you in a non steak related way is a crime. It's considered a concealed weapon.

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fag bullshit

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In the UK where Muslims slaughterhouse animal abusers get no time, essentially yes.

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Oi! Bin that knoif, ya git!

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stick, scissors, screwdrivers... lol good job copper

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Gotta figure out a new martial art based on using rocks as weapons. That'll fuck them up.

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Wow, you're not kidding. v/funny is making me sad today.

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Just wow...what a bunch of cuck faggots in a uniform. Nice haul Constable, the streets are so much safer now that a...wait, pointed stick?! is off the streets? OMG...just fucking kill yourself.

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Shit they don't even have some broken garden gnomes or busted vases and bongs and shit to prove he's a vandal at the very stinking least??

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Now just wait a minute, with that they just prevented the rape of atleast 1400 girls.....oh wait.

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That bottom left one.

Looks as if they were able to take Professor Snape's wand off him, that knife by the way looks like on of the composite ones they use to cut lettus so it doesn't wilt as fast.

Lol these fucking fools. Bet they searched the dumpster behind a dorm room.

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