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She's not allowed to die yet. We need her to run in 2020

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Run? She can't walk.

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*We need her to shamble in 2020

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Chucked like a side of beef

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The US really dodged a bullet on this one.

Ironically, they wanted to impeach Trump because he had "mental health issues" and because he is "afraid of Stairs" but somehow, they are completely blind to the obvious sickness of Illary Clinton.

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After she lost, Soros must have cut off her supply of fresh baby blood and fetuses, as punishment.

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Slip sliding away.

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Every day I'm shuffling.

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you are going to ruin keep on trucking then some old fart like me is going to come on here and say it's insulting to Robert Crumb https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTOM6qzmjYY https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Crumb https://www.1843magazine.com/culture/the-daily/the-sublime-robert-crumb

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She won’t be able to run

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What a fucking retard. She can't even manage a flight of stairs without sperging out.

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What a caricature she is, anyway, without the pratfalls.

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It is a shame really. There is simple, heat-based cure for her condition. In fact, in the past, whole towns would pitch in to cure someone in her condition: the town that was most known for this was Salem.

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.......... I'm sorry to be that person but....... Salem didn't burn witches. Witch burnings never occurred in the colonies. They were hung, crushed, drowned yes but never burned.

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Thanks. However, humor does not rely upon complete accuracy. In fact, there has been much humor based upon supposed racial differences, which we all know are completely fallacious.... oh wait.. I'm not on that other site. :-) In truth, I never made an account there, but I might at some point, as it does have a great selection of sub_eddits.

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For which? Parkinsons?

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The cure he's thinking of cures a great many maladies, permanently!

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Term limits - restrictions set against elected officials and their length of service.

Turd limits - the amount of shit that India's streets can support before total loss of friction.

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Shes the wicked witch of the west reeeeeeeeeede

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