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It's got electrolytes, it's what goats crave!

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aww, i was gonna say that.

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How do they not fall? Hooves are supposed to slide on hard surfaces like rock.

I can't climb that surface with my hands that have thumbs. There appears to be nothing to hold on to.

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Taken from “The Science Explorer”
“The bodies of mountain goats are machines built to climb. Their hooves have a hard outer case that allows them to dig into almost-invisible ledges. Soft pads on the bottoms of their hooves mold to contours in the mountain's surface like climbing shoes.”
Link for those that give a shit: http://thescienceexplorer.com/nature/how-mountain-goats-ascend-nearly-vertical-cliffs

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They use the hooves to take a lot of the weight and grip with what is kind of like a big cats paw.

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I thought for sure you were bullshitting, but I looked it up and right you are. I guess that pad is unique to the mountain goat, because the farm goats I've seen don't have anything like it.

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That makes no sense, all 4 feet have hooves.

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Someone needs to leave those poor bastards a salt lick.

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Nothing can stop them!

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goats are becoming my favorite animal

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