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I remember when people were making those same comparisons with the "need help up some stairs in 'an icy' July" picture and the "thrown into a van like a side of beef" video.

Parkinson's Disease and/or Kuru is a nasty disease that, at best, leaves you as a shadow of your former self, and at worst, leaves you as an unwilling stark-raving-mad prisoner trapped within an uncooperative body.

Remember kids, don't be like Bill's Corpse Bride, don't eat the brains of dead people.

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I thought Kuru was a rather fast killer compared to other degenerative diseases.

Then again, those Moloch worshippers might have the medical knowledge to make you last longer if you have it... And wouldn't someone with Parkinsons struggle with every step instead of suddenly losing control of their legs ?

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Look at Soros and his ilk: they may be living long lives, but their bodies and/or souls clearly reject whatever it is that they're doing.

Even if it isn't Kuru specifically, it is almost like divine karma/retribution for what they have done to their countries that their ailments line up so well with that cannibalistic disease.

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Well parkinsons is a degenerative disease so I guess if it's in the starting phase... which it probably isn't... but she is on top medications for whatever the fuck she has.

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Internet gold

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weekend at bills wife's

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monica's ex boyfriend's wife's

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No, no, don't run $hillary again Dims pleaaaaaase... Trump wouldn't stand a chaaaaaaaance!

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Best one yet, I actually did laugh out loud.

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Nicely done.

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At this point, if she dies they'll claim it was because she lost the election. She just couldn't bear the grief of her failure,and it's all the fault of racists, bigots, and Russian/ISIS bots colluding to kill an old woman and put literally Hitler on the throne.

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