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Walls work both ways

Keeping us in? Good. It'll force us to fix this place or die trying. Besides, where the fuck do you want to go that's better? Japan? Japan doesn't want you. Not unless you'll be an asset to Japan. They know how to do immigration (i.e. mostly don't.) Europe? Enjoy drowning in the flood of refugees. Russia? I don't know if they're taking Americans. Something tells me you'd have an uncomfortable life there.

There's nowhere else to go. We can't run from this.

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You should always tend to your garden and America is a big garden indeed!

This particular meme ball was a crack at red communists, while the President wants to build a big beautiful wall to keep out the foreign invaders the communists built walls to literally keep in their own populations. This ball is a reference to the Berlin wall which was erected not to keep Western Germans out but to keep Eastern Germans in.

Fuck communism.

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I've heard it said about the wall here though. as if keeping us out of mexico were some big loss.

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Mexico is such a well run country ,the leadership there should be backing Trump for the building the wall. Havent they figured out the wall ALSO keeps to many people from getting into and enjoying , Mexico's booming economy and low crime rate LOL.

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Mexico doesn't want the wall because they send us their best and brightest. /s

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That must explain why every Mexican i talk to always says the same thing: Mexico is a complete, corrupt, hopelessly beyond repair shithole, where the only way to get anything done is to bribe public officials. Juarez is a great example of a city that should be glassed, it's a very violent border city, with no real reason to be there except for one: easy and smooth entry into El Paso

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Keeping Americans in. This is actually true....

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