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This makes me so happy. Why can’t all white girls hate niggers half as much as I do.

Btw I like how the nigger throws in “white” cunt after he’s tried banging her

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Right? Like acknowledging her color is somehow degrading.

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I bet she's a nice girl.

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I'm pretty sure this is from some kind of hookup app/site. Seems to me she's still riding the cock carousel.

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Maybe she is only on to troll minorities

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Doesn’t have to be “nice” to be sassy

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A black stopped at a local gun store. He asked where all the black folk hang out. The 80 year old redneck owner said "that last one hung in that big oak tree out back". I was there and witnessed the whole thing. About ten of us customers laughed our asses off right in that niggers face. This was back in the early 90's.

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This goes to ELEVENTY.

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has to be fake, black guy caught on too quickly to the snide remark. I don't think they're that smart.

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OK Google wuz blacks hung in da 1800's?

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She must be old. Right? Not since the 1800s? Granny isn't having any jungle fever, not for her.

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At last! Someone here knows how to use apostrophes.

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Fite' m'e

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He starts off with, "You into hung black guys?" Doesn't even attempt to compliment her or flirt. What kind of response did he expect to get?

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That's because it's a false assumption that white women like long cocks because white people always obsessed with dick sizes such as Asians perceived to have smaller dicks and blacks perceived to have longer dicks, etc.

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I wish I had enough free time to make fake text posts. That's what I heard, most of these message posts are fake.

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