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And there’s the buttsex.
Can’t forget the buttsex.

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In our liberal circles we like to use the romantic euphemism "pegging". It's much more appealing to our core demographic of hot pocket munching antifa warriors.

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If you see me laughing when someone makes lewd gestures with a stick like object as I do tedious household errands in the public, its because that's a fetish for some of us..

Geez I'm busting it in my pants when you use that stick in the air like that fuck.

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Do you think this is a joke? No, it isn't. To too many this indeed is the golden standard of society. Make the society a prison and they will be happy. Ideally they would be the ones running it, of course. Something to do with shitty personalities and psychos/losers, probably.

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All my criminals are hard core trained to think the pain of anal feels fucking good.

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This is really good.

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every time I make a comment my computer starts lagging

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That's because you're surfing in the wrong hole.

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Not liberal paradise; Progressive paradise. Progressives are the ones who want that shit. Progressives are the opposite of liberals. Liberals wrote the first ten amendments of the US constitution. Progressives want to destroy all that.

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Classical liberals.

The modern "Alt Right" has more in common with (the old version) of Noam Chomsky than with the new, modern liberals (and new version of Noam Chomsky).

Note I mean people who want to protect freedom, dignity and the constitution. Not people who are just insanely racist.

Thomas Sowell is racist by today's standards.

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I really dislike the term "classical liberals". In a way, it accepts the progressives as liberals, even though they clearly are not.

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"Classical Liberals" are the moderate Islam of cultural marxism.

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Except prohibition doesn't work there, either.

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Actually, there is bribery and hierarchy in prisons as well.

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Please. You won't get assfucked unless you consider it a reward for your service.

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Completely untrue actually. In a prison, a natural hierarchy will be created. Some workers will be paid, while others will not. Some will be liked, and others will not. This idea of complete equality is retarded, because humans have never ever operated like this. Progressives are championing to create a society which will never work. Which makes me think, whoever the puppet master is is either extremely dumb, or extremely evil

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Its a combo of three evil, sadistic, and masochism inflicting control issues.

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the more "Safe" the Govt makes us the less freedoms we have...this meme is spot on

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Fuck I do hope this is unprotected..

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