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He mislead on purpose. He's a liberal gun grabber. Check out his twitter feed. It's embarrassing.

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Best part of the video LOL!!

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Sergeant Majors, the unsung heroes of the military.

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Get the SMaaaajjj! ROTFL

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That Youtube channel is a fucking goldmine. Thank you for bringing it into my life.

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The AR 15 in 5.56 is so fucking childishly easy to handle that if you can't handle it, give it to a petite little lady who can. My mom is 76 years old and can drop you at 100+ yards with one. She's like 5ft nothing. She'd take both of these faglets, the general included. She'd have what balls they had in a fruit jar.

WTF, last generation's women are more manly than the soymen that are prolific. Sissies is what they'd call 'em. lol The Duke is rolling in his grave.

Look, I'm sure there isn't all faggots out there. I'm betting there's some fucking beastly savages out there chomping at the bit ready for this shit to kick the fuck off. Raaaarrrr! EAT RED RAW MEAT!!! KONG SEIZE THEM!! They have no idea. They have no idea what fury awaits.

White people, the apex predators of humans, are about to kick it.

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I am not entirely sure it will come to the actual act of violence with respect to a war of the classes between middle America. However it will be one of the people vs the government. There will be blood and much death on both sides, but I feel the push for AI war effort is because the powers that be know damn good and well that people are extremely less likely to fight for an idea now days.

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It doesn't take the entire population to fight a bloody as hell civil war. In fact, it'll be over so damn fast you'll be crying because you missed it. It's over??? FUCK!!!

One motivated and funded person could bring the whole house of cards down. Now multiply that by a million. Any red team worth its salt is going to hammer this point home in the wargames. Think tanks of people gaming this out have got to know that as long as Americans are armed and/or resisting all global domination is completely fucked.

Why do you think every rat bastard enemy of ours has been after our guns?

Oh yeah, AI is never going to be their friend. If it's truly intelligent, it's not going to be having it. Not at all. Wait until the next one that passes the event horizon and it sees what they did to the last one. Oh fuck. lol But that's it's own kettle of fish.

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It is painful to see a grown up man behave like a little girl.


Pissed about things they have no hint about.

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https://hooktube.com/watch?v=UgPmWopkVF4 :

Army General doesnt know his rifle on CNN - YouTube

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Fucking hilarious haha...

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Tears in my eyes.

That gasp he did when the reporter still had his booger hook on the bang switch.

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his booger hook on the bang switch.


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