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He wuz president n shiet.

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I remember when I was in the subway in NYC, in Brooklyn, the day he won, I was on my cell phone, and this huge group of Black girls was screaming. My friend was on the line saying "what the hell is happening! is everything OK! Oh my god what is going on? What happened!"

Fuck me, my ears have never hurt so bad in my life.

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I was in Brooklyn also that night. As I walked to the bodega I could hear screams and yells from surrounding apt buildings. Up to that point I had never saw so many black Americans with smiles on their faces in a short amount of time.

To bad Obummer screwed 'em more than Reagan.

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LOL. I was in Hawaii at the time, and every hippy and trustafarian was in the streets crying and hugging each other as though the second-coming had arrived.

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It’s true

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Is it real? Considering the sub I assume not

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That show I can't watch it for more than a minute

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The Arabic makes no sense!

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That's not very good advertising, Kenya.

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Script is all fucked up

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That pic has been around for years

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That is fucked up.