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It's Y'ALL not YA'LL.

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I don't even think it would have any apostrophe. It should just be "you all." When pronounced the dip at the end of the you blends into the lift the with the a in all, making it come out sounding as one word.

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Well now that's just bad pronunciation...

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People who speak proper English don't really know how to white bush speak looks on paper.

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Aside from how retarded the last half of your sentence is, Y'ALL is a contraction of YOU and ALL. Considering there is no A is YOU, the apostrophe would go after the Y and before ALL.

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to white bush speak

Could you edit or elaborate? Your meaning is unclear

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And by greedy bankers he means jews

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Classless society?

Seriously these utopian dreamers are ignorant as fuck.

If there's no unfortunate souls purposely kept in poverty and work in sweatshops, there will be no cheap made in third world country goods that you first worlders buy.

Hierarchy and sacrificing others is necessary for you to continue living in the comfort of your gated property you dumb fuck. It is imperative that we purposely keep some "humans" starve and produce "incidents" which causes loss of life such as wars so earth population is still within controllable level. Someone need to make these necessary evil in order for you to be sheltered and have a good life in your first world heaven.

Heck, even those libtard politicians and their pizza/snuff parties understand the need of "sacrifice" for their own personal satisfaction. Why can't you? Not all human life is equal, and it should not be equal. if you can buy some kidneys from some thirdworlders and save your family would you do it? You would, unless you are a retarded SJW scum.

I swear college liberals are the dumbest of all. Egalitarian idealists are a fucking big problem, because they are too naive and ignorant and have no idea the realities of the cruel world.

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modern education is racket tho.

like the loans they push on us. learn a trade and skip it. life will be so much better.

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...and who are these greedy bankers, Prof. Silverblatt?

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If a professor makes 100k and teaches 5 classes of thirty students each of two semesters, and the lecture hall also costs 100k year, that's $670 per student, or $230 per credit hour.

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Most of them are adjuncts with no job security. The people making that much are their bosses.