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NDT is the most pompous, annoying, inserting-himself-when-no-one-asked, faux intelligent asshole out there- besides Bill Nye. Everyone decided that science was their religion and suddenly these two became the head priests. Fuck the "I fucking love science and atheism means I'm cool" crowd, they're the reason Bill and Neil think people want to hear what's in their vacuous heads.

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Nye is a feminist, so of course they made him a "scientist" so he could sing that faggot gender fluid song.

And DeGrasse is a nigger--another protected species above reproach in the libtard animal kingdom--so he's automatically a science ambassador as well.

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You know, I appreciated the nigger at first, because he was neutral and got people interested in science, but I've looked into him, along with a friend who's a scientist, and he's a total hack who's done nothing remotely scientific. He could have slid by if he'd have kept his mouth shut, but he didn't and removed all doubt that he was a total retard. Even worse is that he tries to be cryptic on his Instagram, especially in regards to "le Drumpf", but he's way too stupid to pull it off.

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The worst thing about that song isn't the hamfisted attempt at indoctrination, its the audacity they have to pretend that the song is a banger. They should make them listen to that song on CD every day in their car as punishment.

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Nye is a nigger first and foremost. That invalidates and supersedes anything it could do or be. An ape shall never be anything more than an ape, no matter how good suit you squeeze it in, or how many participation prizes you glue to it.

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This is what fucking pissed me off about Brian Cox.

His explanation of entropy was what finally dropped the penny for me, and his physics shows were easy enough for me to sit and enjoy.

Then he comes on a fucking Q and A panel show in Australia about.... climate science. And proceeds to call everyone who doesnt believe in man made climate change a fucking idiot, and doesnt regurgitate facts, just deflects arguments.

Lo and behold the next day - 'Physicist confirms something something man made climate change' whilst glossing over the fact that environmental science while entrenched in physics as is everything else, is still a completely fucking unrelated field of science that a physicist themselves would only get roped into in a peripheral way to maybe study some kind of theories behind weather patterns? And sure as shit he dont get paid to dick around with applying chaos theory to weather patterns when hes meant to be presenting science for kiddies, doing solo D*ream tours, or, like, being a fucking physicist?

By the way... This is what a god tier Astrophysicist looks like.

This guy really wants to be that last guy (Lol Larry even mentions it in his intro).

Can you imagine Newton doing that shit?

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NDT has slightly more credibility than Bill Nye, simply due to the fact he spent more time in education. But he's still a pseudo-intellectual; can anyone name a single achievement NDT made in his field? What did he contribute to astronomy? Did he make niggers actually interested in science?

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The science of GIBS is of great interest to the negro.

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Have you read his wikipedia page, more specifically, have you read between the lines in his wikipedia page? You'll find even more evidence he's a fraud, there's a reason you have never seen him do any whiteboard work.

Tyson earned an AB degree in physics at Harvard College in 1980 and then began his graduate work at the University of Texas at Austin,[20] from which he received an MA degree in astronomy in 1983. By his own account, he did not spend as much time in the research lab as he should have. His professors encouraged him to consider alternate careers and the committee for his doctoral dissertation was dissolved, ending his pursuit of a doctorate from the University of Texas.[21]

Tyson was a lecturer in astronomy at the University of Maryland from 1986 to 1987[22] and in 1988, he was accepted into the astronomy graduate program at Columbia University, where he earned an MPhil degree in astrophysics in 1989, and a PhD degree in astrophysics in 1991[23] under the supervision of Professor R. Michael Rich. Rich obtained funding to support Tyson's doctoral research from NASA and the ARCS foundation[24] enabling Tyson to attend international meetings in Italy, Switzerland, Chile, and South Africa[22] and to hire students to help him with data reduction.

He was pushed through Harvard by SJW's, went to do his PhD at Texas where they found out he couldn't actually do anything so they let him go, he was only able to get his PhD a decade later when other students were literally hired to do the work for him.

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Why do you think he is on Twitter talking shit about comic book characters? Because he was too stupid to produce anything in his field of work, even when given a privileged, free ride through the best institutions by Carl Sagan.

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When Tyson is prepared, when someone else might write the scripts for him, he's entertaining and goofy. These tweets, however, make him out to be a nigger that isn't thinking like a real scientist.

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Yeah your right though, he is just an actor (below mediocre at best) reading from a script, wether he appears 'prepared' or not is contingent on his acting (or lack of) ability.

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It is almost like 'scientists' specialized in one field aren't automagically qualified to assert authoritative opinions about everything else in the world /u/bdmthrfkr

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well, first of all, batman didn't want to be a bat

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Shoulda called him mommy and daddy issues man am I right? Boo hoo your parents are dead, get over it you're loaded.

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boom....this should be the top comment.

not only is a faggot on bat knowledge, he totally fucked up the comic story too.

HE IS A DOUBLE NIGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know who is the worst science charlatan, ND Tyson, or B. Nye the faggot-guy. Showboating shitheads that misrepresent science and don't take advantage of the opportunity to do good things with their platform.

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He's misrepresenting Bruce Wayne as well.

Wayne doesn't want to be a bat, he wants a terrifying symbol.

It's like this nigger has never seen Batman Begins.

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he wants a terrifying symbol.

Should have dressed as an IRS agent then.

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seriously...how can you be 50 something and fuck up the batman story? 7 movies i can think of since 89...multiple comic book reboots...

fucking nigger.

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All of the above and I'll raise you any scientist with a (((grant))).

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Bill Nye is far worse. Sure it's fun to make fun of Neil Degrasse Tyson because he's conceited and gets shit wrong every once in a while, but Bill Nye is on an entire different level. Bill Nye is pushing jewish propaganda with the goal of destroying the country.

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Yeah, Ok. I can live with that.

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Bill bye is worst just on the fact ndt has actually published scientific papers and bill nye is responsible for this https://youtu.be/AVDBD_HXtMs

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We're gonna need a whole lot more Zyklon B.

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Tyson is to science as The Big Bang Theory (TV show) is to "geek culture." Muh comic book weak bantz.

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Neil deGASSED Tyson

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Neil "the greased" Tyson

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Look how red those eyes are. 420?

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Wouldn't surprise me. Carl Sagan is the stereotypical "stoner science-guy", and I think most people would be surprised with the amount of pot and LSD consumed by people in these science fields.

I suppose it helps with abstract thought? Maybe helps them to approach theories from angles that the sober mind might not come up with? There's a story, it may be a false legend, about how the shape of DNA (double-helix) was discovered/guessed by a man who was tripping balls on LSD at a restaurant. Suddenly the image popped into his mind, and he drew it on a napkin. And this is allegedly the birth of modern genetic studies.

TL;DR- Scientists are hippies with lab coats.

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I'm afraid that's an urban legend. One started, you might not be surprised to hear, by shoddy journalism.


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The story you have about DNA is false. He was sick in bed. He asked his wife to make him a few strips of paper so he could write out the chemicals. He picked up two at the same time and noticed that the markers fit each other.

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Some people don't think the universe be like it is, but it do.

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Nothing but a dumb nigger, just like the rest of them. The lefties are still trying to find one with a 100 IQ………not going to happen.

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