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Yep. Reenforcing the feeling. Let's give a depressed person drugs that will make him feel more depressed. Then at least they will feel more confident in their depression.

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I wonder if any research has been done on treating this "gender dysphoria" by using the CORRECT hormone treatment; if a man goes to a doc and says "I feel like a woman", does upping his testosterone levels with shots/topical solutions have any effect on their delusion?

And for a woman going to a doc saying she's a man, does putting her on estrogen maintenance help reduce her delusions?

If anyone knows of a study like this, post it- I'd imagine the results would debunk the "wrong gender" theory even further.

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The only thing I know is that there are some conditions where testosterone receptors are non-functional, or have reduced function. So increasing testosterone would only lead to a higher amount being aromatized to estrogen, which of course is basically the same as administering estrogen (except maybe you kill the patient's natural T production).

In those cases it might be advisable to administer a steroid with a higher binding affinity than T that also resists aromatization, like trenbolone acetate or something. But still, I agree wholeheartedly with the theory of "if a man feels like a woman, try to match the mind to the body rather than the body to the mind." It's literally how we treat every other mental illness.

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Someone knows a lot about pharmacology. Are you an athlete? Or the "manager/doctor" of athletes? ;)

I've always wondered if fags and really effeminate straight men had faulty T-receptors. Among the fag community, it appears the typical low-T symptoms are present in most- anxiety, physical softness, low reproductive drive, depression, substance abuse problems, "boyish" builds (like they started puberty, but never finished filling out).

I think we can all say we've met a man who seems gay: lisp, limp wristed waif types, but they are 100% straight. This raises an interesting question: Could faggotry be mostly environmental (with gays being idolized and retarded parents, plus child molesters) with a dash of biology in the fucked up T receptors? Could these waif-like straight men have turned out gay if some jew fondled them when they were young?

I don't believe that people are born gay. But there may be some biological factors which contribute to a mental illness which eventually manifests as "homosexuality". I'm not sure why homosexuality isn't classified as a disorder or mental illness.

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I truly believe that gender dysphoria and homosexuality could be easily treated with the correct hormones. Testosterone and estrogen are so self-evident, I do not understand how others are so blind to this solution. Men take testosterone pills to feel more manly and women take estrogen to feel more feminine. I tried to explain this to someone and they thought I was being evil for trying to cure gay... Just like cancer, they will always keep the cure hidden..

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Doesn't work. Can confirm, am homo and have had T shots.

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If you're trying to up your T with pills you're doing it wrong.

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Your mistake is in assuming that gay men are inherently unmasculine. That's just a media-created stereotype. The ones who fit into it don't cancel out the ones who don't, but the former are more popular in media because they're easier than writing three-dimensional gay characters.

Homosexuality is not a hormone deficiency. It is not a disease. It is not something that needs to be cured, erased, or changed. It needs to be celebrated, loved, and encouraged. Homosexuality and Judaism are the things that make Western Civilization civilized.

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When you are a woman and you feel like a man and your doctor checks your prostrate.

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If you're a guy with genetically low testosterone you can't go into the doctor's office and get T injections. But if you're a woman and claim you identify as a man you can get testosterone injections. And if you're a man you can get estrogen injections to make you effeminate.

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You know, that really pisses me off. And here I am, chewing on fucking powdered creatine and protein shakes, 'till I'm shitting granite bricks. Just give me those sweet T shots, so I can get those sweet, sweet, gainzzzz.

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I've taken some pretty heavy shots to the head in fights, accidents, etc., and as I'm getting older I'm 99% sure my T levels are pretty low. One good whack to the noggin could fuck up your pituitary gland and throw your system off FOREVER, and the only solution is outside T being added to the body.

Unfortunately, it is absurdly difficult for men to get medications. Women can see a doctor, demand a specific medication for a problem they self-diagnosed, and likely walk out of there with a prescription for w/e they asked for. Men have to jump through all kinds of damned hoops just to get some fucking sleeping pills, or a non SSRI anxiety medication, or testosterone products. I sound MGTOW here, but it's the truth, just one more way the modern male gets shafted.

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Holy shit, my Wife just asked me why I was laughing!!

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“Best thing about being a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun”. Shania Twain

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How would a man know what it feels like to be a woman?

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"I feel like I feel like a woman."

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what are xenoestrogens

One 8-ounce glass of whole milk contains 2.2 nanograms of estrogen

Researchers estimate that 60 to 70 percent of our food-sourced estrogen comes from milk, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products

what about that other 40-30%

farmers give their livestock such growth-promoting drugs Zilmax or other can natural and synthetic versions of estrogen.

Farmers also use Implants to deliver growth hormones. remember 80% of cows are factory farmed

1 lb of beef from an implanted steer contains approximately 7 nanograms of estrogen compared to 5 nanograms of estrogen from non-implanted beef.

Phytoestrogen supplements seem to have no serious side effects. But some evidence indicates that high doses of isoflavones may suppress thyroid function in children who have low levels of iodine.

Isoflavones, a common group of phytoestrogens, don't seem to cause fertility problems in men.

No strong evidence proves that phytoestrogens cause problems in healthy men.

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