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Here's the thing about Sargon.

His existence is another proof that leftists are retarded.

Nieman Journalism Lab,[26] Vice magazine,[2] and Mic[27] have described Benjamin as "right-wing", and Redbrick,[6] The Daily Dot,[11] Salon,[16] Gizmodo,[28] and Vox[29] have described him as "alt-right" or "alt-right sympathizer".

Taken from wikipedia. These libtard idiots don't even know what alt-right even means. They actually called a Bernie supporter "alt-right."

It's another proof that shillarying for the sake of shekels is real. If you don't worship Killary then you're a neonazi alt-right white supremacist by default.

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Sargon of cuckad aka the Soy Father.

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The same Sargon that lied about his grandfather being black?

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Fuck off shillposter.

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Fuck off pussy, Sargon sucks more nigger dick than your sister.

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Next you'll say Israel is in Europe.

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Sargon posting lol

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Sargon totally looks like that boring-ass talk show dinosaur jimmy kimmel

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Wasnt there some posting a while back about certain media figures having a lazy/squinty eye, some mark above said eye, and them parroting certain narratives after the squinty eye/mark became noticeable?

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Does Sargon have have kids?

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No, but he takes good care of his wife's son.