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Said the illiterate to the lazy.

Fucking retards everywhere.

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Could have

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People who say "could of" belong in death camps.

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People who say "could of" belong in death ironing camps

*Bügeln macht frei

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The flag/banner looks like it's made of polyester. You can't iron polyester. What you can do, is hang it up in the bathroom, and take a hot shower or two, and the wrinkles should come right out. Steam, baby.

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Don't you tell me what I can't do! You're not my supervisor!

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Am I the only one irritated by the shift from standard capitalization to full caps?

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Speaking Of Things Like That, All-Caps Is Better Than The Self-Importance Of Capitalizing The First Letter Of Each Word.

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Unfortunately they no longer know how to. Like their nu-males don't know how to change a tire.