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Leftist always use children as props while pushing their perpetually pathetic propaganda.

What they continually fail to realize is that it’s generally children and the ignorant that believe their crap, most adults can and do think for themselves.

Most concerning though is that they push their garbage on kids while in school and call it education. Truth is the mantra they spew is little more than indoctrination into their communist ideology.

I’ve never owned a gun, but if I did I would use it to hunt communists. They would be pretty easy to spot actually, they can usually be found hiding behind children.

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"Let me control the textbooks and I will controll the state."

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Who's that chick? She's cute.

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Back when the Rock had hair!

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I hate to say it but I feel the Rock is (controlled opposition). How better to make the average American feel worse about themselves, show them some one bigger smarter more successful who appears to have done it "by pulling on his bootstraps". I dont know about y'all but the glyphosate has weakened my bootstraps tremendously. I'm sure he consumes 0 of the food garbage we are provided.

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man last night my car got fucked up. my Benz got so faded at the bar, ended up totaling into a tree.

i told the officer, look man, i didnt hit nothing, it was the car...look at the grill and look at me. i was just the guy sitting in the front seat. and i dropped my joint so i was removed from the decision making, proving my innocence and that im a victim of this reckless car. i told the cop he was a nazi and like wtf kind of sanctuary state is this, be like the cool cops and stop enforcing the law like thats all your supposed to do.

i told him he knew who was really responsible for this. they arrested and booked my car. i thanked the officer for tackling the in depth issues properly handling this shit. so they are going ban E55 AMGs in my state, deserves it.

im gonna go celebrate at the bar tomorrow in my 740il. this car better be able to hold it together.

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you dont need to be an expert to share opinions on a topic

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Its funny but its also the truth.