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Speaking of reptiles, living with snakes is easy and enjoyable, that is until they take half your stuff in the divorce.

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Tortoises make really strange noises when they're mating.

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So does yer mom, son.

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And my sister, dad.

Did i go too far with this joke question mark

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I think all animals make odd noises during the deed.

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The thumbnail looks like a dog head what the fuck

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You might need news eyes. Let me know if you want to keep the old set.

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Dammit, that's all I see, now!

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I was at a zoo once with a girlfriend and she was like "what is that growth on that elephants stomach?". I was like "that's its cock, woman".

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And then I was like... I'm not an elephant you jerk I'm just big boned and this isn't the zoo it's Italy.

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So I noticed the accent of these two rather large women at the pub, and asked "Are you women from Scotland?" and one replied "It's Wales, you idiot!".

I stammered a bit and blurted out "Oh, I'm terribly sorry! So, are you two whales from Scotland?"

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I read that as "Hubology" and was thinking fallout and agreed that I must inform my kids of the fallout series.