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His denial must be taken as an admission of guilt!

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libtards hate when you do exactly what they tell you to do. they are that stupid and dangerous in their unquestioning fanatical ideology. no wonder they get along with muslims so well.

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Muslims are smarter. Even if their ideology is fucked up they are at least consistent in their beliefs.

Islam is brutal and suicidal, liberalism is just retarded and suicidal.

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If you hate gay people you’re gay. If you hate racist people you’re a good person and need to work on improving you virtue signaling to the point that everyone thinks you hate yourself and everything good your people ever did. Then the “others” can pat you on the head before they take everything you have and slit your throat and rape your girlfriend

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His first tweet attempted to leverage peer pressure to continue the model P kafkatrap, but he got snared in a nasty model S, instead. Of course, the people who employ them seriously do so because they're huge liars, and often proud of it, so catching their lies isn't effective in shaming them. But catching them with their own brand of lies at least closes the loop in an amusing way.

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What a great article that is. Thanks for that resource.

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Thank you for the read. Unexpected learns from /v/funny.

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Thanks for that link. I had not read ESR in years.

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To stupid to realize that rape accusations are that easy to make

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He didn't deny the tiny penis.

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Apparently she/he/it attempted to deny his small penis

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metoo ... I was young and confused...he forced his thingy into my bumbum ... I'm so embarrassed!

edit: sob

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So brave!

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Well, I had to speak out. Not that I care about attention or anything....

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Quick censor this person that has a legitimate case against me!

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I'm going to have to believe the victim on this one.

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I demand he show his penis.

No Homo.

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