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But......but.......but that would give us anarchy and there'd be no government to build the roads, a school to teach the children or police to jail the criminals!

said every programmed drone in this nation who can't grasp the idea of not having a "government" and believes the lies that he/she is told.


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oy vey then who will print the shekels that are loaned to the gubmint that need other shekels to be repaid?


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Oy vey! who weel tax de goyim of de shekels so vee kin maka da shekels and loan dem to de goyim?

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Your government has built infrastructures civilians aren't going to be able to maintain

Don't you mean people?

and insane shit you have no idea about

implies we need government because of mystery problem that he knows we cannot solve but that government can..............

aaaaaahahahahahaahaha! You're the kind of person of I initially made fun of in my first post.