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Looks like it's time to oil up the chainsaw and do some freedom adjustments to that gubmint tree.


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Slavery is unconstitutional, yet slavery is huge in America, it’s the largest industry, how do I make you my slave, simple I get a piece of paper with my name and your address on it with a rubber stamp from the state, you now have to pay me money to sleep in your own bed each month, you are my serf slave, and I don’t even need to provide you with a job like in 18th century Russia, you need to be on top of your game to compete with other slaves in the free market, when you eventually can’t compete, I will have the state militia evict you, and contract with a fresh slave.

In other words, third party property ownership is unconstitutional, as its slavery and slavery is unconstitutional. In the United States of America ‘owner occupied property only” is a constitutional right of all citizens. This makes the state and the third party property owner both guilty of treason, making all mortgages and related financial institutions guilty of treason.

In the United States of America, protected by our constitution, all citizens simply own their own homes outright simply by occupation. All and any claims to third party property ownership is an act of treason.


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" are my serf..."

Hardly. A Russian serf under the czar only had to give 10% of the products of his labor. American serfs have to give, counting hidden taxes, over 40% of what we earn to our masters.


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"The patriot’s blood is the seed of Freedom’s tree."

Looks like Hillary is becoming a patriot tonight.