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The least Presidential portrait of all time, especially since the background is shopped lol. Also he just can't stop race baiting can he choosing that artist that had a black woman severing a white woman's head.

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There's literally fucking semen on his head.

Couldn't be any more ridiculous.

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That's Michael Obama's semen. Bro-love. LGBTChimp

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I agree...show that shit in the Hall of Presidents. He'll look like a bigger faggot than Carter.

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I'm just glad a black guy fucked it up. So they can't claim "muh racism" for a painting that is actually objectively bad. Obama in his hoverchair.

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I actually like it except for the pose. He looks insecure rather than powerful.

The artist is fucking cancer though, I'm sure he knew what he was doing by picking him.

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It's the exact pose someone talking a shit has

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I like it in the sense it fits the criminal pictured perfectly.

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This is the degradation of the west. It’s gonna happen in every aspect of our society. Every standard will fall everywhere. It’ll happen fast but it’ll seem slow as it’ll basically happen over 2-3 life times.

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I think it was done to make sure that he looked terrible. I think they got him by Michael's balls.

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Obama is not part of the west or an American in a cultural or ethnic sense

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True, almost better to be executed for sedition. Almost! Oppression of a thousand cuts. Maybe CA will secede buy us a decade.

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Im surprised he didnt use that artist that did all of Podesta's creepy paintings. Those must have been for the private collection.

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I think it's perfect. Totally represents his failure of a presidency and worthlessness.

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It could also be a reminder of how the national holiday for George Washington's birthday was take away to create Martin Luther King day.

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What this is really about is how Obama did not take the job seriously. This is what pisses people off - not the shitty art, just the fact that he made a joke of it and in the process demonstrated how little he understood the role he was supposed to take. Trump is absolutely schooling him in that regard. Obama's stock has dropped faster than Enron in the past year.

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Garbage portrait for a garbage president

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I bet Trump made him get the pic made as retarded as possible. Plus he is sitting. I think he is the only one who has been. I dub this painting... "Niggerinabush"

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It is indeed a terrible presidential portrait.

Just found out today the artist has a production team in China. Probably wasn't even made in the USA.

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A nigra in the bushes AND sitting on his ass... How typical.

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