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a very feminine penis

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...and they got the shading on Michael's Adam's Apple just right.

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So true, big ole slongy dong dong - kek

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This was posted yesterday.. but it was an Imgur link from one of those remaining The_Donald faggots. (They will be back. A few of them are still lurking and karma farming to instantly shower their people in 100+ccp when they return.)

Upgoat for you.

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Well, good to know I don't spend ALL my time here. . .

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The_Donald faggots aren't that bad, they just haven't been fully red pulled yet, they took maybe the child sized dose

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I was all for welcoming them, at first.. but they're more sectarian than Catholics vs Protestants. They came here and declared that we were their enemies and that they would take Voat away from us to serve their pro-Israel, anti-racist and globalist agenda. I see them as a small army of John McCain types. If Trump had gone 3rd party, I doubt they would have voted for him.

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Jackie Treehorn: "People forget, that the brain is the biggest erogenous zone"

The Dude: "On you, maybe."

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both portraits is just one more instance of them (blacks) flinging shit. It's all they know how to do... just like a monkey shit fights at the zoo.

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Degeneracy Olympics. It's the Jewish national sport.

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I hope Obama gets his presidential portrait redone. Everything about the artist and the portrait is just a complete debacle. I don't think he's a bright guy.

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Why? His presidency was a disgusting nigger stain on our country and constitution - the portrait should show that.

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Yeah, his portrait is maybe TOO good considering the degenerate criminal it belongs to

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