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If I were to identify as attack helicopter, would that mean it would be illegal discrimination if the government tried to take away my 20mm rotary cannon?

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Yes. That's exactly what that means.

Also that you are mentally ill.

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No, all the mental disorders come together to cancel out each others’ extremes, to create a balanced hormone and neurotransmitter level. That’s what the diagram is trying to show.

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I think you’re on to something there...

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This is in v/funny but it's about as truthful a venn diagram as you will ever see in today's society. The only problem is male/female should have an extremely tiny overlap for individuals who have both male and female sex organs or some form of duality.

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I thought this was about gender, not sex. The later being defined through your sex organs and the former being defined through your brain.

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The later being defined through your sex organs

Actually its your DNA, The presence or lack thereof a Y chromosome is the determining factor. And even in the case of hermaphrodites their DNA will still classify them firmly into one of the two sexes. Any chromosome combination including a Y is male.

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The only thing your brain determines is what hormones are released when. If we are going to try and differ gender from sex then we are no better than the mentally ill. We are unable to decide our gender or change our gender.

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The concept of gender as a construct separate from sex was solely derived from the writings of a fringe psychologist named John Money. Like much of Freud's illogical ramblings, science has consistently failed to bear out his hypotheses in spite of their popular acceptance (though Freud at least contributed a groundbreaking model of the human psyche in between doing a logical double-reacharound to make all power struggles about sexual intercourse and vice-versa.)

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The pink circle on the right might as well be a mental disorder

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Why am I directly in the middle?

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Hey! Some of my best friends are Apache Helicopters.

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I identify as a jello shot

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wanna come over for a drink? just one, i promise.

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My wife called from the other room to ask me what was so funny. This is great.

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You should show her. It'll be fun :-)

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By your retardations combined, I am APACHE ATTACK HELICOPTER!

Apache attack ‘copter... it will save you. Going to take genders back to Two-oo.

Soros: I’ll get you Apache Attack Helicopter!

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