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Because we aren't allowed to post negative review, people can post satirical positive reviews like these.

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It's the Obama effect part of the Zeitgeist and analogous to the Ghostbusters remake. The belief goes:

If the subject of criticism is "diverse" (i.e. falls under some minority blanket that isn't white male), the criticism has nothing to do with the genuine quality or appeal of the topic. The criticism stems from some sort of unrealized racial/sexual/etc. prejudice from the critic (regardless of the critic's race/sex/etc.).

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America is a strange country

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movie reviews against black people is LITERALLY a violent genocidal ATTACK against afro people everywhere. We need to KILL old white people because of this, or else our movies will always have sub 5 star reviews.

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Not to ruin the joke, but this is fake. The actual review he posted reads:

You believe in T'Challa, you believe in Wakanda, and you believe - maybe for the first time - that the MCU actually matters.

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and you believe - maybe for the first time - that the MCU actually matters.

No, no it doesn't. It's a fantasy. None of it matters because none of it is real.

It never mattered, it was just a cash grab for Disney using already created characters and plotlines while reducing everything down to a formula (one they then tried to use with star wars and ended up being hated. The reaction to Hulk slamming Loki in the Avengers is what led to the "your mom" joke at the beginning of TLJ, and Disney believing they should break up tense action scenes with pace destroying humor. It gets old fast)

Disney isn't actually in as good of shape as their content churnout suggests. Buying fox was an act of desperation. Make no mistake they see whats coming like a freight train. Infinity Wars has been built up for like a decade. It'll make a lot of money, but after that where do they go? The super hero stuff is pretty played out by now but a lot of people have stuck with it to finish that saga. They know it'll cause reduced interest afterwards, and see it coming like a cliff. Big companies require big money to operate. Cars 3 toys remained on the shelves. NuWars toys remained on the shelves. TLJ under performed by hundreds of millions of dollars and theyll have to account for that. ESPN is dying a slow painful death. If youre not growing at the projected rate then it'll hurt your stock. Theyre firing off shots in every direction to find somewhere to go after the avengers stuff wraps up the saga with a nice bow. Thats what buying those parts of Fox were about. It was more of an act of desperation if anything because they realized "holy shit star wars wont be able to carry the torch after avengers dies down. We need something else to keep the soyim coming to see our shit"

The Black Panther movie is same formula just with black people this time. Theyve done the trailers for Infinity Wars in such a way as to imply if you dont see black panther you wont understand a good portion of the movie. Thats not by accident. It's designed to force people who give a shit about infinity wars but dont give a shit about a 3rd rate racially charged standalone character to have to see it

Side note but one of the most hilarious things I've seen is the lughenpresse trying to act like black panther is an "iconic" super hero. No he fucking isn't. That's just rewriting history. He's B-rate at best

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If you have been keeping tabs on other industries (auto, for one - will cite if requested) this is a common problem they are running into. Newer generations just aren't into consuming like their predecessors. There is a major correction in our future and I can't wait to see it - businesses are just too big for the markets now, and the more they use planned obsolescence to resell to the same market, the more their market shrinks..

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All those glowing reviews make it seem like it's not just a movie about a pack of uppity niggers.

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If anything his actual review is worse. How could anyone write this seriously:

Nobody has ever seen anything like “Black Panther” — not just an entire civilization built from the metal stuff inside Captain America’s shield, and not even just a massive superhero movie populated almost entirely by black people, but also a Marvel film that actually feels like it takes place in the real world.

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Obviously someone is mistaken in their view of real world Africa.

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massive superhero movie populated almost entirely by black people

marvel film that actually feels like it takes place in the real world

Proof that nogs do not reconcile with reality, even in review form. Only if the main character was "Criminal Man" and it took place in Chicago would that be true.

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civilized niggers

takes place in the real world


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Yuck I looked at that page and see a bunch of virtue signaling circle jerking sheeps.

It's like they're begging to be genocided.

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Jews work in unity to push propaganda.

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Every time I see shit like this I check the jewishness of the author. Once again, this one's JEW+.

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Should have been his wife's children too. Not sure if it's a troll or just a regular jew.

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He does say, "Her Two Kids" as in, not his kids but hers. I am not sure either. Sad world currently.

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Holy fuck. He's real.

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Her two kids and her boyfriend. Sadly, it appears he left his own boyfriend at home.

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It's only a sad world if you let internet pixels get to you :)

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And her black boyfriend.

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"Arousing" - yeah, no.

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I wonder if black people find all these odd positive reviews from white people as condescending as I do.

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Wakanda is waiting for you. Go home, black man.

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What’s wrong with that?

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