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Ehh... The Psychology part is only partially true, I would say there are people that fit you description, but I would say their are 4 major types of people in Psychology.

  1. Those who want to understand what makes them self tick. This is where you would get the people you are talking about.

  2. Those who want to Help those who are "Fucked up". They are the ones who usually become Clinical Psychologist, or go on to get a MD to practice Psychiatry.

  3. Those who like Mental Puzzles, and the challenge of figuring out what makes others tick. These types make great Forensic Psychologists/Profilers/Researchers

  4. Those who want to push a Narrative

Though I do agree with you on the English bullshit, I hung out with a group of English majors who though they could make an indie video game... Their stories sucked and they had no idea how to make a complete story that's cohesive and engaging.