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I watched a few of her videos - she doesn't bullshit much about the reality of ghana, that's refreshing. i think she just doesn't fit into London well. This lady would actually be much happier in the United States than the UK i'm guessing. The "Leaving" video linked above is terrific - the other girl really lays out the problem with them moving there. She rips to shit the kangz argument and says straight up that you're an expat and you're no different than "John Smith" to them. In short: You're British, not African, and they won't treat you like an African. I love this pill because it makes many people realize that skin color really doesn't matter as much as behavior and that racism has little to do with skin color, which for some reason is something retarded people actually believe. I also enjoyed watching these high-horse educated UK girls get a taste of why their parents fucking left Africa in the first place - Africans are shit!


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I'm glad people are watching her content. If I help her out and reach the front page of Voat, it's win-win.


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We block ads fool


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She wasn't even born there, right? Which makes her even more of a fucking idiot. I'm from the islands and even there, British black people stick out like a sore thumb. They're absolutely a fish out of water. They're just not used to the culture there. It would be incredibly hard to fit in.

And as for political correctness? ROFLMAO...good luck with that. Jackass.