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Nothing like seeing Haitians in America complain about what President Trump said. Maybe you should go back to your wonderfully beautiful country then instead of infecting ours. Worthless leeches.

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These memes might save us form irrationality. Stefan Ibn Molyeme is true!

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These memes are probably my favorite memes. We've come a long way from advice animals and coolface, indeed.

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I wonder if this transcript was leaked intentionally by trump. It's brought the discourse from "why shouldn't we give amnesty to all illegals" to "why should we let people in at all from shithole countries." It's really slid the entire discussion to the right. Plus the idiocy of that Wolff book has been completely discarded.

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I doubt this was not leaked, MSM handled it rather poorly.

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It's easy to do. And it makes no difference. The shithole media doesn't understand facts.