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That's adorable, you think America has a free market? We've lived under socialism for a century, and it's eroded the middle class.

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No, but what little economic freedom remains is usually blamed for any disaster.

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that's the point, the writing on the walls is from the blue crayon (government), IE Socialism blames the free-market for it's own failures.

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you actually understand the comic

I didn’t think it was supposed to be complicated

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Indeed. America without an income tax, or any tax for that matter, would constitute a free market. Socialist programs like social security and Obamacare have to be eliminated. Neoliberal globalist/crony capitalist trade agreements like NAFTA have also got to go.

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Are you at a coffee shop with your laptop as you write this?

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Give money to liberal shitheads like Shultz? Fuck that.

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Are you on a field warding off crows?

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The soviet union sure blamed the black markets.

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Funny how many people with a basic liberal finance or economics degree read a book (or more likely watched a movie) like "the big short" and use some buzz words like "collaterized debt obligation" "credit default swap" and "sub prime housing market" to blame the market for the 2008 crash without ever even learning (or refusing to ackowledge) how Clinton allowed and even encouraged all that to happen

By taking away some very basic financial regulations that stopped financial banks from dealing in the commercial sector, which in turn allowed them to cooerce morgage companies into pushing variable loans with horrible teaser rates onto dumb poor people(or worse yet became those mortgage companies), which in turn allowed them to pressure the fraudulent govt run ratings companies and ginnie mae into rating sub prime cds as aaa bonds to keep from losing business.

Had it been either an entirely free market or not given all the tools to destroy itself with none to defend itself, the 2008 crash would have never happened. Clinton is almost entirely responsible for taking a brilliant idea of louis ranieri's (mortgage backed securities) and mutating it into the monster that nearly ended the world.

Its sickening that ive spoken to FUCKING HARVARD FINANCE students that will argue that it was bush's fault. Ivy leagues no longer have an understanding of the fields they study if it suites their political leaning, but at least they can use some financial terms to feign intelligence. i can only imagine what the less educated think.

Edit:formatting as peaceseeker suggested, originally wrote this when drunk

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Good comment. Try separating a paragraph or two and more people might've read it.

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Why does free market Capitalism get so much heat? It's probably the best economic system ever created.

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Socialists run the education system. Capitalists have to pay for it.

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People have to actually try to succeed.

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exactly true. i agree with you

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Social instincts. Capitalism has friction to social instincts whereas socialism doesn't (except a little (but less) with some populations).

Just like anything better than the best chimp society runs against chimp social instincts. Venezuelans are sub-capitalists to be purged and conquered.

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Funny thing is that crayons are like guns, just a tool for (((whoever))) is welding them.

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Why did they make it where spaces don’t count as characters; in the 10 character length requirement to post to voat?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.