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...why do we have a reddit tier post like this on voat with 24 upvotes? this is the hurt locker not the hugbox, we dont need feel good posts here

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Eh, I got a giggle out of it. I would rather we be the goats from the comic anyway. https://voat.co/v/funny/1436556

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yar, twas a good one, but sadly a dead link now :(

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Are you literally demanding Voat be on echo chamber with only specific content? Or just a general self-centered cunt that thinks every post should be catered for them?

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niggerfaggotkike, who the fuck are you? seriously, why do you think your response to something posted a day ago matters to anyone else but yourself? do you troll the low hanging fruit hoping to farm shill upvotes or some retard ass shit? go back to the fucking hugbox and jerk it to all the good happy memes about world peace, womyn with penises and brown people overlords if you want this shit.

you are filthy scumm and happy about it and that's why you make me sick along with this pointless content.

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Pay a bill of $10.23 with a twenty a quarter. Receive back $11.25. receipt says I payed $30.