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Jesus christ u took literaly my exact comment ahhh fuck you cuck faggot

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Never gets old. These faggots were spoiled with Zooropa album anyway. Funny how apt that name is now...

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Every time I see Bono' s smug face, I am reminded of the South Park episode where they call him the biggest pile of crap.....yeah, yeah, yeah, yyyyyeeeeeaaahhh!

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That's funny. I think this pic was the only time I've seen his smug face in years. I saw him briefly on a television yesterday. It was brief but nauseating.

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oh Great! another lecture incoming ....a lecture from Bono, about throwing more money, more dollars at some stupid civil war shithole in Africa

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Didn't they right a song called sanctimony? If they didn't they should have.

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He said:

Every time I clap an African dies……….

Keep clapping motherfucker.

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Please clap.

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let's have a big round of applause

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another way to say it is "every time I clap, some nigger poops out another kid they have no intention of feeding"

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Nobody gives one fuck about your shitty music. Just go away.

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Hey. The Egde is a consummate guitarist of the highest caliber. Sometimes he breaks out a 3rd note just to show people what he's capable of.

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Nah, just cranks up the delay. Ho only actually plays about 1/16th of the notes you hear, lazy cunt that he is. He and Kirk Hammett should have their pedals confiscated.

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Yeah, this dickhead is pretty impressive. Bonamassa and Knophler are laughing continuously.

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Thank god.

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What? It won't just show up in everyone's iTunes again?

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Like having someone dump a load of dog shit on your lawn. “What the fuck is this crap?”

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where I am i going to get my self-absorbed, narcissistic ,egocentric ,mind numbing, "I am just better than you" ,phony humanitarian music from ?

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I don't think they're really going to turn down more money. These guys love money more than Trump.

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True... but to make money you need a product that sells well, Trump is their scapegoat.

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Don't forget Bono wanted to be president of the World Bank. I was going to link to the supporting info, but after seeing all the predictable "sources" hooting and hollering for it to happen I just couldn't.

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They have more money than most people can count. Turning down a tour isn't a big deal for them.

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