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Most of the "white supremacists" I've talked to don't want America to solve the world's problems. They just want to solve America's problems and let the rest of the world sort their own bullshit out, so long as they stay out of ours.

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That's not the point the image is making, though.

The point is, just like white supremacists, the people pushing for America to be the world's day care do so with the impression that whites are the superior race.

The key difference being the white supremacists are just bragging while the liberals think that superiority comes with responsibility to the rest of the world.

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Perfect explanation of internalized supremacy. I couldn't have said it better.

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That statement only makes sense if the US is a white nation.

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So we have to feed bums here and abroad. The world fucks Americans without Vaseline. I'm sick of protecting the world, I'm sick of these fucking kikes using us while they do as they please. Right after the federal reserve act was passed.

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Real libtards think America causes the world's problems.

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America cant even solve America's problems.

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This is just gonna upset the white supremacists.

They still haven't noticed that they're using the exact same arguments and ignoring the same data. They merely choose different targets.

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When the left memes, you get stuff that isn't funny or even sensical.

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Go back to your checker game.