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Didn't use Imgur, admitted where it came from, have an upvoat!

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Hey thanks!

edit: it's not worth trying to fool people here, and wouldn't go well in the end

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Just about everyone from third world countries agree that they're shitholes. Even the rich people from third world countries agree.

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Yea that’s why you drive around third word countries and the wealthy have...walls. They have big ass walls around their properties. Idk why though cause walls don’t actually work...stupid rich people

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What, like the wall the Dominican republic has to keep Hatians out?

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can someone shoop some sunglasses on the last frame? thanks.

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I for one am grateful that we have a president that has the courage to publicly say what we are all thinking.

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Well what else can be said/?

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If these countries weren't shit holes, why are the shit hole dwellers so desperate to flood into the west?

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I love Chris Wallace

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