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Improve your own country instead of destroying ours.

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They cant improve it.

If they could, it would not have become a shithole in the first place.

Whatever shithole they come from, thats the best they can manage.

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Depends on where they came from. Remember, countries with hard-working, high IQ citizens can be turned into shitholes if the pervasive ideology is retarded enough. Just look at communist Europe, India, or the shithole that modern day Europe is turning into.

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If a bunch of low IQ niggers with violent gene can improve a country, gorillas would be living in skyscrapers not in the jungle.

It's precisely the fact that they are less evolved is why their countries are ALL shitholes in the first place.

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I think you are absolutely correct.

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I love when they get the text orientation right on this meme.

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Option three should read - "Just nuke shitholes and rebuild on the glass."

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Why do people from shitholes vote democrat?

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So let's talk about Hollywood to see what THEY have to say about TRUMPS controversial [Enter non related distracting topic here]

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His twin brother is not discussed nearly enough.

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Brazil is not that much of a shithole, just stay away from nigger populated areas and you are good.

But please do kill every traitor who left the country to live illegally in the US, we don't need freeloaders and parasites back while we are trying to make our country great again.

We have a name for those types: Vira lata.

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Shitholes country has no home for anyone.

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