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How nice for them to lie in order to protect you from the real world. What else are they lying about? Makes you think doesn't it?

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Shhhhhh, these are not matter for you to concern yourself with.... Go back to self-obsessing over social media and paying your taxes....

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"Hey Siri, why do the Jews lie about being holocausted?"

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Siri, what models of flip phone are still available?

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(DING DING) i have summoned apple thought police satisfaction technicians to your location, please stand by for assistance. (dart in neck, butterflynet, apple "happy consumer" serum injection, kick to kidneys for good measure, 2000$ charge to apple account)

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Siri, what's a better way to melt you, intense heat or caustic chemicals?

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Hahahaha, very discriptive.

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Have a nice censorship.

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According to Jewpedia one of the first FTP sites, Digital Archive on the 17th Floor, had some low quality scanned porn that was available to anyone anonymously. This was in the days of ArpaNet, the beginning of the internet.

I propose we logic bomb Siri just like that Start Trek episode

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Dumb AI

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I just realized if you tell Siri to shut the fuck up it she stops working