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Needs double ice cream cone.


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10/10 Pass

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My favorite movie. :)

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Which movie is it?

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Looks pretty good especially with Michelle Obama included :- )

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If she wants to get serious she should lurk moar over at /pol/. I don't want to insult your Mom but...meh.

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I mean, it's good for a normie. Which I assume was the point.

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One time I went to Wendy’s and ordered a triple with a Diet Coke and I heard the negro in the background stifle a laugh. Which made me laugh but also indignant. DIET COKE IS BETTER THAN REGULAR COKE. I DONT DRINK IT CAUSE “DIET” I LIKE THE TASTE FUCK YOU

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I prefer diet as well. I find regular coke too syrupy tasting.

Re the nog, it takes spare iq points to perceive that other people operate under different thought process, advanced information, and concerns then you yourself do.

All his reaction really said was that eating a triple with a diet coke to stay thin is something people in my circles would do.

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Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke are garbage. Diet Dr Pepper actually tastes like the sugared stuff. Almost dead on.

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diet soda tastes better

By the Emperor what is this heresy?

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Looks good. I wouldn't mind watching the gorilla channel while sipping a diet coke... or 12. B/c that's news right! RIGHT!!!!!!

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