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Your point being? You can make an equidistant projection from any singular point on the globe. This map uses the north pole because it's what we consider "up" on the sphere. An equidistant projection distorts how far one point is from another depending on how far both those points are from the source point, it's not an accurate respresentation of what the Earth looks like, it's how it appears if you took a ball and squashed it flat.


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lol, and gyroscopes don't move because earth just spins to slowly for them to detect the motion.

i'm sure that is why the united nations uses the map.


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You have not made a cogent argument or point outside of "look at this, it's proof." And I can tell from this response you're not going to anytime soon. I do hope you continue however, I want you to give these good voaters a show for their money, some of us do come here for entertainment.


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have you never heard of relative motion?