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and a coal burner to boot. 2 time loser.

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They spelled fatness wrong

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I can see why the nignog was attracted to that. Have at it Tyrone, you can have her.

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where is tyrone?

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She's a single mother.

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Hoes are never single.

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Long gone, my friend.

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It's really difficult to find cigarettes these days it seems.

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in prison

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That bitch should be sterilized. Throw the little fucking Niglets in the nearest oven.

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You can't throw those kids in an oven, what's wrong with you! Ovens are for the Jews, we have trees for the blacks.

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Why not the nearest gorilla pit in the zoo?

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I thought you wanted to stop them breeding.

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Flawless. Hmm. I suppose it would depend on the goal. It does seem like some sort of weaponized visual assault material.

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Somebody trying to compensate for deep rooted self esteem and body image issues. Probably why she fucked herself into single motherhood too. Special snowflakes will do anything get that all important confirmation that yes, they are precious.

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Fucking OP you fucking fag bag. I just puked up my goldfish and bourbon. NSFW is an understatement. We need a new tag. FFS.

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