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I love their fucking hands.

I have a friend with raccoons (mom was roadkill and they couldn't give them up after) and they're always reaching up my sleeves and trying to steal shit from anywhere they can. Also, watching them eat is never boring.

Never want to own them bc they're wild as fuck, but I love that I know someone who does.

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They can be loving and sweet, but I wouldn’t want them indoors. I saved one with a broken leg when I was a kid, it had babies and would bring them by to say hey.

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Aw really, do you live in a mostly rural area?

Edit: Do you*

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That warms my heart. Very wholesome.

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thats rhetoric, and ultimately bullshit.

i raised a boar coon when i was a kid, he was huge (40 pounds). he even used a litterbox, and thank god for that. because he shit like a race horse. but he never bit anyone, and finally died at 8 years old.

i wouldn't raise 2 at a time though, much more difficult.

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Its dependent on a fuckload of factors. I've got four with me now, one hovering at 36lbs (you can see them all at /v/raccoons) - if they are coming in from the wild, age is really important. Kid 9-10 weeks old may never fully come round. If they are caged, isolated, bored, lonely, they can get neurotic. They got that Targaryan personality thing, too, the gods flip a coin on every one. I've got a wonderful young lady here, unaltered, 10 months of age (ish). Heat has come and gone without incident, no personality changes, no temper tantrums. The 3 boys handled her heat beautifully. Nobody has behaved unexpectedly in the years we've been together. On the other hand... I know two coons that weren't socialized properly and cannot be approached, period. I know another pair who live full time in an outdoor enclosure, can't be picked up, are rather impatient and short tempered. Know another who lives indoors with his human family but has been caged - he's moody and prone to tantrums.
There are so many factors. And even with my intensive socialization and enrichment, my eldest is aloof, won't allow the vet to examine him, cannot be picked up.

Im glad your buddy made it to 8, but that extra weight is no good. Been trying like hell to get even just a little weight off my Jude, but you know how a hungry coon is. :/ a house coon can live up to 19 years, and I'm shooting for that, damnit.

Share pics if you got em! ♡♡♡

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What's rhetoric?

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Is she a native american?

I come from a family of trappers and they were our prey when there was a good market for the hides. I just kept the dumb ones out of our garden, I didn't go hunt them with traps. It's too easy and they're fucking clever little cunts. We had far too many dogs about to get them once I left home. The folks got an array of killer as fuck dogs for security on the property.

Little did they know dad was the most dangerous creature there. Armed to the fucking teeth and batshit over the rainbow crazy as fuck. Scare your neighbors into praying to Jesus to remove the demons from their house when he leaves kind of scared. Crazy is a super power, think about it you comic book geeks.

This strawberry wine is way too sweet, but it's tasty as fuck. A good primer for the evening. You don't want to swill it down or it will be the infamous "Juicy Pukes" (tm). kek. I'm out of merlot so it's down to wal mart burgandy by the gallon. Hahahahah. the fools!!! Those glass jugs will cost a retarded yuppy 40 bucks online at the 'how to make wine' websites. lol

The gallon of cheap wine is about 15 bucks with tax and deposit on the bottles. Hey...fuck...I need to look into that. The point is, be a cheap cunt and make your own wine and FIGHT DAH POWWAH! That shit was in the last star trek. sad isn't it?

Hollywood, do the foundation trilogy for fucks sake.

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You alright bro?

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LOL that was so much crazy and I don't care if it was serious or not. I truly needed that.

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You sound like you don't need that gallon of wine tbh

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Poor little trash pandas.

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polar colar bear. pepsi trash panda.

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This happened to me the first time I learned how to make crack.

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I don't think you did it right.

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Oh I did it right. Watching it dissolve like that on the spoon broke my heart.

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It would be funnier if they had rabies and bit the prankster.

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Now I just want a raccoon as a pet, but i know it just can't happen.

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But research has since shown that raccoons have normal salivary glands. Research has shown that captive raccoons do douse their food if water is made available to them, but raccoons in the wild douse or don't douse, depending on where their food is located and its proximity to water.

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Is it?

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Well, shit.. Thanks, I didn't know that.

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That's just mean I hope they eat that guys favorite pair of shoes, twice.

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