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It's inventory control. A simple in-out tracking algorithm. You upload 500 White razors, 2 are missing. You upload 500 African-American razors, 100 are missing. The computer program selects the product to be classified as a risk. Even Artificial Intelligence knows niggers are thieves.

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Even Artificial Intelligence knows niggers are thieves.

I've heard it referred to as Tay's Law. Any AI, given sufficient time and information to develop, becomes racist.

Sometimes I dream of a world where biologists are given free reign and no fear and we can actually begin to understand the differences within our species. It's a question that niggles at my thoughts every now and then, even though I know I will probably never be able to answer it... How many different subspecies are there within the human race?

When you consider how many individual bloodlines there are, it seems like the number could be extremely high. Even 4000 individual subspecies sounds a bit too low to me. Most of my stock is Irish, how different am I from someone of primarily English stock? Polish?

These are mostly rhetorical questions, but I am interested in opinions too.

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Subspecies is an arbitrary definition. The criteria varies and isn't reliable even under the strictest conditions.

On a related note, when Hitler talked about the various races of Europe, it was a distinctly different discussion than when he had talked about white people. I'd put the number of subspecies between 5-20, depending on how large populations you deem a minimum. Fun fact, 7 races is what people can place with 99% accuracy based on photographs alone, which is pretty neat.

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"...It's a question that niggles at my thoughts every now and then."

...at least you're not niggardly on your observations.

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given sufficient time and information to develop, becomes racist.

becomes race realists you mean

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If humans will be genocided by aliens in the future because we lost a war with them, I can guarantee that the war is lost because of political correctness, SJW, and "feels."

Not because humans are all stupid.

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can confirm, used to work in a store, they would base which items got the security locks based off of inventory missing.

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Even pictures of black men end up in prison

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Are things like this real or it is a joke from clerks?

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If a particular product is known to be shoplifted with a lot greater frequency than other products, they'll take extra measures to add security features to it. So if you see something like this, that means...

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CVS used to do this with thin plastic bags of Bic lighters that you could easily rip from the lock. Dumbasses.

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Not a joke, just a reaction to local forces. In some areas condoms are stolen a lot, others are anti-balding hair regrowth stuff. It is never personal, it is just business.

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In some places, Tide laundry detergent is used as a currency to buy drugs. The stores in the area put shoplifting alarms on the bottles to deter theft.

Never put anything past a drug addict. High demand basic necessities are commonly used as currency in the black market because they are easy to liquidate, and can be bought with welfare funds or stolen.

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Here it's baby formula. People got big rackets lifting the stuff and selling it to china at a 100-200% markup.

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It's for real, and the computer decides. Once losses on a product reach a certain threshold, they go into security clams.

So, too many of that SKU were stolen. Not so many of the others have been stolen.

Reality is racist.

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Niggers, steal.

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I work part time or fill in for a local drug store- I can tell you everything that is related to anything ethnic, ie black products they are always placed in those theft deterrent boxes.

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Asian grocery store I presume?

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You know, I can go into Asian grocery stores and they are always kind as fuck to me. Same with the Indians. The second a nog walks in the atmosphere changes. I watched it when I lived in DC

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You, Mr. Booger are not a threat. Coons too often turn out to be a threat of theft or just general stupidity, and a cause blood pressure increase in others nearby.

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I didn't realize they made hair coloring specifically for pubic hair

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Waiting for the white guys version to be less money.

I keep searching for this white privilege, and I can't find it.

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