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So at what point do we start talking about mandatory sterilization for these creatures?

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I'm all for a complementary, and compulsive, tube tying with every government funded delivery.

How about an incentive program to sterilize? Offer $500 for a quick snipping and you would have dudes lined up around the block. Make it part of Planned Parenthood's program.

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They've actually discussed rewarding people for getting sterilized. Unsurprisingly, liberals cried that it's "racist" and "anti-poor".

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Hey, I ventured out of v/niggers because I saw that the majority of people here felt the same way we did. Admit it, they need sterilized.

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Tomi Lahren: http://archive.is/WDri9

Marion Marechal-Le Pen: http://archive.is/mHYAu

Ann Coulter: http://archive.is/qhauy

Lauren Southern: https://archive.fo/eVfjw


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Eugenics is still an demonized science. Seems like with all the empirical data it would be a no brainier to implement eugenics again, but no. Everyone is the same, and all that egalitarian bullshit.

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Egalitarianism and other progressive bullshit is precisely why we are in this mess in the first place.

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We excise all the cancer cells lest it kill the whole body. We cut off all the gangrenous beetus tissue, lest it poison the whole body. We control burn the forest and cut down the dead trees to make the forest grow healthy, lest it become overrun with disease.

But for some reason, the leftist do not see how leaving these festering nigger animals (hell, encouraging them) to breed and breed, is going to destroy the health of our society.

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If it weren't for the cries of "muh oppression", we would have an ongoing program to sterilize all hood rats. Do that and restrict immigration and the country would improve significantly in a generation or two. Of course there is still the matter of the Jewish banks and entertainment industry

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Welfare Queen.

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We wuz kweens n' sheeit!

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I hope this is shopped :(

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It doesn't have to be shopped to just be a joke. Real life comedy exists.

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Mommy, where does Daddy live?

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Please be more pacific. Which daddy?

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I work around them, the 'pacific' remark made me twitch.

"Ey youngblud lemme axe you sumthin"

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MY daddy!

M: non dem trick questions!

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Niggavan more like it!

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Those are restroom tags. Appropriate.

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Showed this to my prison gaurd gf " yup that's accurate"

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Can't tell if the person is just fucking around or is serious.

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