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Did someone just steal a chan meme and watermark it


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Since you're taking too long and I have shit to do, You're wrong.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

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so tons of faggots stole it, gotcha

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Its not like simply reposting it. This fucker claimed this meme as his own creation for no other reason than to get reddit upvotes or some other meaningless social bullshit.

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People who steal memes sell coffee mugs at the strip mall. Doing it like this in the open online should be shamed. I put the original in my first comment.

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No one would care to rescue her, in fact they'd probably repair any damage to the tower.

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Shouldn't the hair be on the ground and a bald nigress in the tower?

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Needs a weave.

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Snake hair may have been long enough?

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Way too skinny. If a nigger buck came along she would get assraped several times and then killed.

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Then her daddy wuz kangs n sheeeeeit.

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Don't forget, the building would have herpes.

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