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Just think about it - nobody, neither the person taking photos, nor the person holding the soldering iron, nor anybody else in the room (there most likely were more then those two), realized that what they are doing is wrong. This just shows the general lack of knowledge, skills and understanding among the population. And then, please, think, that the same people feel qualified to discuss all and every subject, mob their opponents on social networks, denigrate them in the news and they do have voting rights. And then you understand why Liberal democracy running amok is not always a good thing. If this wasn't a soldering thing, but something related to politics, the only sensible person in the room who dared to point out that what everybody else thinks is Ok is not actually Ok, would be instantly labeled Racist Nazi, silenced and intimidated. That is the modern day politics in the nutshell.

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When you allow people to vote the assumption is that they know what they're voting for. In America we vote for people. Not only can unintelligent people not accurately judge competence and ability in others, there are also plenty of "stupid" people who can't judge character. There is a crowd of people out there who still thinks Hillary Clinton is wonderful. It's nice to know that this crowd is small, but the Obama-supporting crowd is much larger. He's about as corrupt and immoral as Hillary.

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A poignant social commentary triggered by fucking stock photos. This is why I love Voat

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Reminds me of a saying

The more you know about a certain subject, the less you can listen to an every day person talk about the subject

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Well said

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Thanks for mansplaining that to us you racist Nazi woman rapist REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

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How to get a class action burns victim lawsuit.

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They're also soldering on the wrong side of the motherboard.

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They're not even grounded. First rule of Fight With Electronics Club is ground yourself so you don't zap shit with your own body's electricity discharge. Dumb cunt on the left needs a lab coat over that skin showing top or something is going to pop and fizzle and burn her tits off. Too late, they're already gone it looks like.

Dumb cunt on the right has on shooting glasses. "Tinted glasses are really a great idea for trying to figure out resistor color codes." said noone ever.

What's up with the hard drives opened up exposing the platters? Is that a clean room or are they testing out dust free hard drive tech? Mr Coon doesn't apparently care if he drags the soldering iron cord across the top disk.

Shall we all start a fist fight to determine who gets to hire these gems for their IT company or department?

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blondie, and maybe jamal are using hot air for reworking. in this case they could be on the correct side of the MB, but they are still holding a hot part of the tool.

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That is the next level, pro! ;)

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Well most components are surface mount; depending on what they're trying to get to they might be on the right side. However, there are many more things wrong with these photos.

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Metal tends to get hot.

"Sheeit. I din't know dat."

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Niggers need to start rapping about soldering motherboards to inspire the youth

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The problem is all three are holding the soldering irons by a part that gets hot.

Theoretically, you really can repair a motherboard if a piece has burned out and you need to replace it. It's just usually a whole lot easier to buy a new one.

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Spend three hours on rework, or just buy a $40 ASRock...

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Damn nigger watch what your soldering.

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He's distracted by the pain in his fingers.

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oh he burned away all his nerve endings last week when he did the non stick frying pan shoot.

hands still stick to frying pans. those are fake hands on that there soldering iron.

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I learned to solder on stained glass windows. I made the mistake of focusing on an intricately small piece while my female partner was doing fuck knows all. After I set the piece and while concentrating, so as to not fuck up my beautiful window that we were 2 weeks into making, I asked her for the iron. Her being an idiot and me being distracted- she hands me the iron hot tip first. Me the dumb fuck, grabbed the 300 degree iron like a pen. Smelling steak, I dropped said iron, scattered my glass, broke a couple pieces of delicate art glass, and oh yeah, got 3rd degree burns on my hand.

Never solder with a girl!

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I used to do the trick where you turn the iron around in the stand to free up both hands for soldering. That worked fine until I forgot that I had done that and reached out to grab the iron.

After 20 years, the scar from the burn has faded away, but the memory has not.

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300C or F?

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Having done this, only the woman on the left looks anything like she knows what she's doing. Nigger is posing for the shot and wondering when he gets his crack money, and the bitch on the right thinks a soldering iron is a pen.

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she is more convincing, but is still holding it by a hot part.

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And she appears to be using a hot air rework station on a heatsink. The only times I have ever seen a heatsink soldered in was on power supplies or old CRT TVs where a TO-220 package transistor or linear voltage regulator was attached to a cheap stamped metal "heatsink". I know for sure that this heatsink is not soldered in.

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It is a hot air gun and she would have melted her other hand like the skin coming off the Nazi in that Indiana Jones movie.

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Really? I would not chose a synthetic tank top to solder in, just seems like bad form. There's also the exposed platter part.

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1) You don't solder the top of a motherboard.

2) I've been a computer tech for 19 years and I've never had occasion to solder a component. If it's bad, throw it away (or RMA it if it's under warranty) and replace it. Done.

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it was very common to replace caps on motherboards. I think this trend is going away though.

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Old equipment still needs caps replaced. They're like fucking batteries all over the board, just waiting to fail after decades and shit themselves (and corrode the traces). Thankfully ceramics are coming a long way, eliminating the need for a lot of electrolytics.

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It was common when every electronics company sold crap made with cheap, defective Taiwanese capacitors.


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I've fixed power supplies, mobos, broken connectors on an HDD and one GPU. It's much harder to replace components with today's processes of ultra high temperature arcing microsoldering, but it can still be done.

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And fucking lead-free solder. Lead solder was never a problem, and it's just more planned obsolescence.

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Do motherboards really not have surface mount components?

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