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stealing my student loan deduction

Why am I paying for someone's student loan interest that will end up costing more than the loan itself, while she still has to pay the loan back anyways?

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What kind of job will her liberal arts degree get her? Manicurist, Soros-paid protester?

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Supervising Barista. I mean she has a degree, so she'll run the shit outta that 4pm - midnight shift at Starbucks.

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Yea if you want me to pay for your education fine. I get to choose what you go Into then. No? I'm not paying for gender studies. We gonna pay for it then we need to seriously cut the bullshit degrees out. Also cut foreigners out. Maybe then I'll consider it. Oh yea and cut negros up.

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My liberal arts degree has had me working at power tool companies, motorcycle companies, consumer goods, industrial equipment, powersports, medical, and tons more.

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Why am I paying for someone's student loan interest that will end up costing more than the loan itself, while she still has to pay the loan back anyways?

  1. It's not a credit. You're not paying for the interest. It's a deduction, meaning she doesn't pay tax on that interest.

  2. For the same reason you want someone to pay for your Trump tax cut by making them pay taxes on their property taxes.

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Any deduction means everyone else's taxes are raised to make up for the difference.

You are talking about the caps on mortgage interest and property tax deductions? Those are going to have a huge impact on reducing the costs of houses.

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Is this satire?

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I still want to take vice grips and rip that nose ring out.

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If there was any doubt, this line is in the footer of the page.

The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.

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Take a break from the internet if you thought for even a minute that this was not satire.

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I'd never been to that site before and I hit the ground running to try to read up on WTF is going on. I read lots of stuff and I get focused on getting through it to the meat of it all. I get halfway through it at least before I start turning the gears over, something isn't right. Fuck! Drop a quick post and move on, someone will correct me if I'm wrong. I can count on that.

It was just too perfect of a caricature, the nose ring and all that. lol Got me I guess.

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People pay taxes every day. For example, gasoline, toilet paper, drinks, and etc.

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Even by earning a paycheck and not even purchasing anything with it yet.

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Yes, that too.

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At the very bottom of the page it says

The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.

Some people here took this seriously.

you need more beer

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you need more beer

Goes without saying....

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Imagine how outraged they would be if they had to pay 20+% sales tax instead. Maybe they would have to settle for an iPhone 8 instead of an iPhone X to use to tweet about how broke they are.

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We do have a 20+% sales tax in Europe--it's called VAT--and yes, you're right, it's outrageous. Think about it for a minute: if I work to create an item with a market value of 100 euros out of thin air and I want to swap it for an item you have created out of thin air, also worth 100 euros, first I need to sell the item. On that sale, I'll pay 20% VAT, so I'm left with 83.33 euros (83.33 x 1.2 = 100). But that 83.33 euros is now income, on which I can pay up to 45% tax, so I'm left with 45.65 euros. This means I need to sell 2.19 of my gadgets to buy one of your gadgets of equal value--1.19 for the taxman and 1 for me, just for a simple swap. I must concede this example would be for a person with a high income that would fall in a high tax bracket, but even a person with a moderate income would pay approximately 20% income tax + VAT, and a simple swap would cost him 0.5 gadgets. He loses half his gadget just by swapping it for one of a different colour. Now, things are normally not produced out of thin air: you need to buy tools, machinery, electricity, etc, increasing the number of swaps. That's how governments, even in Western capitalist economies, end up spending 45-60% of the GDP. I can't imagine how wealthy and prosperous we would be without all the government bloat.

Yes, yes, I know, I've gone quite a bit off on a tangent.

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Except (in the UK at least) your business turnover has to be over £85,000 before you're charged VAT. Not to mention that you buying the alternative item could be classed as a business expensive, leaving you with a net business loss of 16.67 which offsets other earnings lowering your overall tax rate. And obviously even if not the materials and equipment cost offsets your profit so that portion isn't taxed.

All in all the actual amount of tax you'd pay isn't nearly as much as you think it is.

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They're trying to sell that idea on this side of the pawn. It's being played as if it will eliminate all other taxes when in reality it will only eliminate the wage tax... for awhile.

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WTF dude iPhone 8? That's like the same thing as living in North Korea!

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I've been busting my arse at work for almost 11 hours and then I come home to read this crap. Makes me want to rope her to my car and go for a long drive.

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Don't worry. The site is satire. (But I assure you that the story is happening somewhere.)

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Excuse me Katy, but there's a booger hanging from your nose.

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